Agent Tips – Guiding your client through inspections

Congratulations on successfully negotiating a contract! Having a ratified contract is a HUGE accomplishment in today’s market with low inventory, inflation, and rising interest rates, just to name a few. With this first major step completed, now you can guide your client through the various steps which lie between contract and closing. Your expertise in handling these steps can set you apart from the average agent and earn your client’s ongoing trust and loyalty.

Neighbor Law – Tree Encroachment

Sometimes, neighbors are not so neighborly. What do you do when your neighbor’s tree is encroaching on your property or poses a real risk of danger to life or limb (pun intended)? While your neighbor is comfortably sipping mint julips under the shade of their large Virginia magnolia tree, you’re up late researching the best anemometer (yes, that’s a real thing) so you can measure the wind speed to know whether you should crawl into your bathtub and pull the mattress over your head (yes, that’s also a real thing, at least in the turbulent,tornadic, Midwest!) and await the sounds of your house or car being demolished by your neighbor’s tree.